ICAME'21 - The List of Papers to be Included in the Conference Program*
Paper Ref No Authors (Presenting Authors in Red) Paper Title
148 Albert C. J. Luo Infinite Unstable Periodic Orbits to Infinite Homoclinic Orbits in the Lorenz System
149 J. A. Tenreiro Machado The Logical Song
150 Sverre Holm Fractional Wave Equations and Complex Acoustic Media
151 Dumitru Baleanu On Singular and Non-Singular Fractional Operators and Their Applications in Mathematical Biology
152 Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber Defined Contribution Pension Funds by Robust Stochastic Optimal Control
153 Jordan Hristov Fractional Operators with Non-Singular Memories in Viscoelasticity: Basic Concepts Applicable to Linear and Non-Linear Viscoelasticity
154 Carla Pinto Tackling specificities of different diseases using within-host models
155 Huseyin Merdan Nonlinear dynamics of a ratio-dependent prey-predator model: Stability, bifurcations and chaos
156 Amin Jajarmi Recent developments in the mathematical modelling and control of biological systems
175 Praveen Agarwal Certain Generalization of Fractional Derivative Operators
2 Aslan Deniz Karaoglan, Gulistan Bicen and Rabia Durak Optimization of Extrusion Process by using Response Surface Methodology
3 Tahir Coşgun and Murat Sari A Reversed Fixed-Point Iteration Method for Burgers Equation
4 Okan Kon, Bedri Yüksel and Aslan Deniz Karaoğlan Modeling and Analysis of the Relationship with Regression Equation between Heating/Cooling Load Change and Outdoor Meteorological data of Business and Service Buildings
8 Cihan Bayindir Vibration Monitoring of Coastal and Ocean Structures with Pile Foundations Using Compressive Sensing
9 Cihan Bayindir Analysis of Tsunami and Tsunami-Structure Interaction Parameters by Compressive Sensing
10 Ali Rıza Alan and Cihan Bayındır Analysis of Wave Runup, Overtopping and Overwash Parameters via Compressive Sensing
11 Ulaş Yamancı Berezin symbols and related problems
14 Melike Sultan Karasu Asnaz Mathematical modelling of drying kinetics of cantaloupe in a solar assisted dryer
15 Selçuk Han Aydin 3-D MHD Flow Over Array of Cubic Ducts
16 Selçuk Han Aydin and Mahir Ceylan ErdoĞan Stabilization in 3-D FEM and Solution of MHD Duct Equations
18 Münevver Tezer-Sezgin and Selçuk Han Aydin Stabilized FEM Solution of Liquid-metal MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct with Conducting Cracks
19 Asuman Zeytinoglu Numerical Simulations of the Modified Regularized Long Wave Process
20 Merve Gurbuz RBF Solution of MHD Flow in a Square Duct
21 Elif Ebren Kaya and Munevver Tezer-Segin The Effects of Problem Parameters on the DRBEM Solution of MHD Flow Subjected to the Time-varied Magnetic Field
22 Hande Fendoğlu, Canan Bozkaya and Munevver Tezer A BEM Approach for Time-dependent Convection-Diffusion Type Equation With Variable Coefficients
23 Derya Sucu and S.Battal Gazi KarakoÇ Numerical Solutions of Kaup-Kupershmidt and Ito Equations with B-spline Collocation Method
24 Ali Rıza Alan and Cihan Bayındır Ocean Energy Conversion Analysis by Compressive Sensing
25 Hazal Yurtbak and Cihan Bayındır Stabilizing the Self-Localized Solitons of the Kundu-Eckhaus Equation by Dissipation
26 Arshed Ahmad, Ihsan Salman, Murat Sari and Mohammed Sami Mohammed Anemia Prediction Based on Logistic Model Tree Method
27 Arshed Ahmad, Khalid Saffer, Murat Sari and Hande Uslu Prediction of Anemia through Particle Swarm Optimization
28 Mohammed Sami Mohammed, Ahmed Abbass, Murat Sari, Arshed Ahmad and Hande Uslu Effects of Anemia Features on Data Mining Performances
29 Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz and Vilda Purutcuoglu Random forest regression model extended by alternative model selection procedure
30 Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz, Abdullah Nuri Somuncuoglu and Vilda Purutcuoglu Deep Learning with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline with Bagging Methods
31 Kubilay Ates and Cihan Bayindir The Effects of Turbulent Fluctuations on Nonlinear von Kármán Vortex Shedding
32 Derya Altıntan Numerical Solution Method for Delay Chemical Master Equation
33 Sofi Farazande and Cihan Bayındır The interaction of von Kármán vortices with the solitons of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
34 Derya Altıntan and Heinz Koeppl Inference and Marginalization Algorithms for Jump Diffusion Approximation
35 Can Gonenli Variation of Critical Buckling Load in Beam Structures Depending on Damage Region and Direction
36 Shko Ali Tahir and Murat Sari A bidirectional generalized synchronization of nonlinear advection-diffusion-reaction processes
37 Arran Fernandez, Cemaliye Kurt and Mehmet Ali Ozarslan Bivariate Mittag-Leffler functions and associations with fractional calculus
38 Figen Özpınar Solving Nabla Fractional Partial Difference Equations Using Discrete Homotopy Analysis Method
39 Hidekazu Yoshioka, Kunihiko Hamagami and Haruka Tomobe Numerical computation of measure-valued solutions to a hyperbolic Fokker-Planck equation subject to nonlocal boundary conditions
40 Aytul Gokce The use of mathematical modeling to analyse fear factor for a stochastic pre-predator system with linear functional response
41 Aytul Gokce, Samire Yazar and Yadigar Sekerci Dynamics of a diffusive oxygen– plankton model with time lag effect and its stability behaviour
42 Özgül İlhan A Near Wall Model For the Navier-Stokes-alpha Turbulence Model
44 Yılmaz Koçak and Gülesen Üstündağ Şiray Comparison of Statistical and Neural Regression Using Activation Functions Derived from Swish Activation Function
45 Güher Gülçehre Özbey, Yelda Aygar and Güler Başak Öznur Discrete Sturm-Liouville Equation with Point Interaction
46 Güler Başak Öznur, Elgiz Bairamov and Yelda Aygar Impulsive Discrete Dirac Equation with Spectral Parameter
47 Oguzhan Das The Harmonic Response of the Circular Composite Plates Having Various Cut-Outs
48 Yildiz Kose and Emre Cevikcan An integrated model for disassembly line balancing and worker assignment problem: A multi-objective optimization method
49 Şeyma Ramazan and Müfit Şan Global existence of solutions to a singular Riemann-Liouville fractional differential equation of higher order
50 Sıla Övgü Korkut A Comparative Study for the Numerical Solution of the Tumor Growth Model
51 Nimet Çoşkun Spectral Properties of the Finite System of Discrete Sturm-Liouville Operators with Hyperbolic Eigenparameter
52 Gökhan Gülmez and Ö.Tolga Altinöz Autonomous Landing of a VTOL UAV on a Stationary Landing Point
53 Canan Bozkaya A Numerical Solution to the Heat Transfer in MHD Flow
54 Nurullah Yılmaz A Smoothing Function Approach for Solving Nonlinear Complementarity Problems
56 Nurullah Yılmaz and Ayşegül Kayacan A New Smoothing Algorithm for Solving Absolute Value Equations of the Form $Ax+B|x|=b$
57 Sunil Narayan, Utkal Metha, Varian Akwai, Steven Weago and Kajal Kothari Realization of fractional band stop filter with asymmetric slopes and optimized quality factor
58 Ahmet Sahiner and Gülden Kapusuz A New Smoothing Technique for Global Optimization by Auxiliary Function Method
59 Sunil Narayan and Utkal Metha Realization and Sensitivity Analysis of fractional order Kerwin-Huelsman Newcomb filter
60 Fatma Sidre Oğlakkaya and Canan Bozkaya Effects of a Rotating Cylinder on MHD Forced Convection in an Infinite Channel
61 Fatma Güler Eroğlu Investigation of a stabilized finite element method for Navier-Stokes Equations
63 Pelin Senel Flow in a cavity subjected to two variable magnetic sources
66 Mümtaz Karataş and Levent Eriskin Detection with Bistatic Sonobuoys: Random vs Coordinated Deployments
67 Levent Eriskin and Mumtaz Karatas An Application of Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments for System Performance Evaluation
68 Ali Ugur Sazaklioglu Some Iterative Methods for a Class of Inverse Problems for Semilinear Differential Equations Backward in Time
69 Hande Uslu and Murat Sari Capturing The Van der Pol Oscillatory Behaviors through a Stochastic Approach
70 Augusto Ferraro, Daniel Rossit and Adrián Toncovich A linear approximation model for a non-linear flow shop scheduling problem with learning effect
73 Ertan Yakici and Tolga Önel A Neural Network Learning Approach for Solving the Knapsack Problem
75 Ashwin Chand, Sunil Narayan and Utkal Mehta LEGO ROBOT Setup and Intelligent Programming for Line Following and Obstacle Avoiding Using EV3RSTORM Software
76 Canan Çelik and Faruk Develi Existence and Hyers-Ulam Stability of Solutions for a Delayed Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation
77 Eylem Bahadır and Önder Türk Analytical and Numerical Assessments of Boundary Perturbations in Steklov Eigenvalue Problem
79 Ismail Aslan and Nisa Aslan Approximation to fractals by means of non-affine contraction mappings
80 Nihal İnce Solving Stochastic Differential Equations with Generalized Entropy Optimization Methods and Simulation
81 Sevilay Demir Sağlam and Elimhan N. Mahmudov Parabolic Optimal Control Problems Described by Partial Differential Inclusions
82 Fulya Yoruk Deren and Tugba Senlik Çerdik Successive Iterations and Positive Solutions for Hadamard Type Fractional Differential Equations on an Infinite Interval
83 Yeliz Buruk Sahin and Burak Urazel A Multi-Objective Approach for a Cubic Cell Formation with Quality Index
84 Mahmut Gökhan Turgut and Ö. Tolga Altınöz Ball Balancing Table PID Controller Design with Optimization Algorithms
85 Nisa Aslan and Mustafa Saltan A Chaotic Dynamical System on the Box Fractal
86 Hüseyin Tunç and Murat Sarı Multi-derivative, multi-stage and multi-step time integration methods
87 Nisa Aslan, Saliha Şeker and Mustafa Saltan The Construction of a Dynamical System on the Sierpinski Propeller
88 Ahmet Sahiner and Nurullah Yılmaz An Application of Double Stranded Smoothing Technique in Image Processing
90 Esmahan Uçar, Necati Ozdemir and Eren Altun Fractional Mathematical Model Created to Prevent Cancer Cells from Escaping the Immune system
92 Pelin Çelenk, Seda Gülen and Murat Sarı Solution of First-Order Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation Using Neural Networks
93 Ramin Nashebi, Murat Sari and Seyfullah Enes Kotil Household lockdowns on weekends can marginally reduce the need for contact isolation and social distancing to protect economic activity
94 Uğur Duran and Mehmet Acikgoz Hermite-Bell Based Bernoulli Polynomials
95 Uğur Duran and Mehmet Acikgoz Degenerate Poisson-Charlier Polynomials
96 Samire Yazar An elliptically shaped ice particle with non-uniform density and air interplay between parallel side walls
98 Razika Sait, Abdelhakim Hammoudi and Mohammed Said Radjef Stability of Common Research Lab with asymmetric firms: Effects of an exclusive membership rule versus an open membership rule approach
99 Esra Yağanoğlu, Murat Sarı and Hande Uslu Genetic Algorithm Responses of Advection-Diffusion Processes
100 Zixiang Li, Ibrahim Kucukkoc and Mukund Nilakantan Janardhanan New algorithms for two-sided disassembly line balancing problem
104 Tuğrul Cömert and Erhan Pişkin Mathematical behaviour of solutions for Kirchhoff-type system with logarithmic nonlinearity
106 Sohaib Moussaid El Idrissi, Omar Khadir and Ismail Aounil Two modular equations close to the discrete logarithm problem
107 Sunil Narayan, Ashwin Chand and Assaf Mansour Design of UHF band Yagi-Uda TV Antenna
109 İzzettin Demir, Murat Saldamlı and Merve Okurer Bipolar Fuzzy Soft Filter
111 Barış Namlı and Cihan Bayındır Reducing Vibration in a Pipe Using the Deep Learning Method
114 Gülnur Yılmaz and Enis Günay Analysis Methods and FPAA Implementation of Hyperchaotic Systems
116 İpek Sırma and Sevgi Sengul Machine Learning-Based Profit Analysis of Aviation Sector During The Covid-19 Pandemic
117 Hazal Yüksekkaya and Erhan Pişkin Blow up of Solutions for a Wave Equation with Delay
118 Hazal Yüksekkaya and Erhan Pişkin Nonexistence of Global Solutions for a Hyperbolic-Type Equation with Delay Term
119 Melike Erdogan and Ertugrul Ayyildiz Measuring the service quality performance of hospitals in managing the COVID-19 vaccine process
120 Samir Benbakreti, Mohamed Benouis, Redouane Tlemsani, Soumia Benbakreti and Ahmed Roumane Convolutional Neural Network for Arabic Word Recognition
121 Damla Kizilay, Hande Öztop and Zeynel Abidin Çil Constraint Programming Model for Rich Electric Vehicle Routing Problems
123 Hilal Demirel and Yeliz Buruk Sahin A DSS for Assessing the Health Performance: The Case of City Hospitals
124 Alperen Ekrem Çelİkdİn Optimizing Seasonal Grain Intakes With Non-Linear Programming: An Application In The Feed Industry
125 Comes Calin-Adrian Verhulst Lotka Volterra fractional differential SEIRS model: Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic disease
126 Abdelouahed Alla Hamou, Zakia Hammouch and Rando R.Q. Rasul Analysis and dynamics behavior of Ψ-hilfer fractional order three dimensional model
127 Okundalaye Oluwaseun, Necati Ozdemir and Wan Othman Efficient solution of fractional-order SIR epidemic model of childhood diseases with optimal homotopy asymptotic method
128 Metin Demirtas, Erdem İlten and Haris Calgan dsPIC-based sensorless control of induction motor and real-time monitoring on Simulink
129 Metin Demirtas, Erdem Ilten and Haris Calgan Optimal TID controller design for dsPIC-based induction motor drive
130 Zehra Pinar A Novel Analytical study of Boussinesq-type equations
131 Gulcin Bektur Cubic Cell Formation Problem Considering Identical Parallel Machines
132 Övgü Çıdar İyikal Errors of the Smoothing Techniques
134 Melike Karta An effective numerical approach for the RLW equation
135 Yakup Atasagun and Alper Döyen A Goal Programming Approach for Resource Dependent Assembly Line Balancing Problem
136 Alperen Ekrem Çelikdin Organizational Configurations Boosting Enterprise Performance And Job Satisfaction
137 Esra Duygu Durmaz, İlker Gölcük and Ramazan Şahin Combining Fuzzy Full Consistency Method and Fuzzy Axiomatic Design for Facility Layout Selection
138 Abdul Wakil Baidar and Mehmet Kunt Quantum Analog of Some Simpson and Bullen Type Inequalities for Convex Functions
139 Anıl Akpunar and Şener Akpınar A Simulated Annealing Based Fix-and-Optimize Algorithm for the Assembly Line Worker Assignment and Balancing Problem
140 Hidekazu Yoshioka A unique Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equation having periodic solutions and their computation using higher-order finite difference schemes
141 Alper Döyen and Yakup Atasagun Optimization versus metaheuristics in forecasting: A comparative study for energy demand forecast of Turkey
143 Burcu Gürbüz A novel finite volume scheme for the numerical investigation of bacterial communication model
144 Burcu Gürbüz, Aytül Gökçe and Mahmut Modanlı A numerical approach on FitzHugh-Nagumo model
145 Esra Duygu Durmaz, Sena Aydoğan and Ramazan Şahin An Application of Multi-Objective Scheduling with Fuzzy Measure
147 Esma Canhasi Kasemi and Luan Vardari Pairwise comprasion scale’s with Analytic Hierarchy Process: Gsm operator preference of university students
157 Esma Canhasi Kasemi and Necati Ozdemir Financial Efficiency of Companies Operating in the Kosovo Food Sector : DEA and DEAHP
158 Fatma ÖzkÖse, İlhan Öztürk, Seçil Yılmaz, Tamer Şenel, Mehmet Yavuz, Burcu Şen Bağci and Medine Doğan A Caputo Fractional Order Model for Tumor-Immune System-Host Cells Interaction: A Lung Cancer Application
159 Engin Demir Design of Clamps for Use in Flexible Pipes and Development of Production System
160 Gulsen Yaman Suggestion of Standard and Optimized Stages in LOC (Lab On a Chip), LOD (Lab On a Disc), POC (Point of Care) Development Process for Biomedical Applications
161 Derya Avci, Beyza Billur İskender Eroğlu and Jordan Hristov Heat Waves Due To Cattaneo-Hristov Heat Diffusion Occurring on the Half-Real Axis
162 Derya Avci and Fatma SoytÜrk Optimal Control of a Fractional Computer Virus Propagation Model
163 Beyza Billur İskender Eroğlu and Dilara Yapışkan Fractional Optimal Control Problem For A Delayed Computer Virus Propagation
164 Ramazan Yaman Could stem cells’ behaviors modeled as an optimization algorithm?
166 Zehra Pinar and Özlem Orhan Exact Solutions of Lienard II-type oscillator equation by group classification
167 Harun Selviopi and Muhammet Yazıcı Finite Element Method with Crank-Nicolson Scheme for the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation in de Sitter Spacetime
168 Gökçe Özaltun, Ali Konuralp and Sevin Gümgüm Reliable Fast Algorithm of Taylor Wavelet Method for Some Fractional Delay Differential Equations
169 Öznur Öztunç Kaymak A New Coding/Decoding Algorithm Based on k-Fibonacci Numbers
170 Özlem Aydın, Özlem Tülek, Nimet Aksoy and Öznur Öztunç Kaymak Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in the Web of Science Database via Topic Modeling
171 Ilknur Kusbeyzi Aybar, Brigita Fercec, Orhan Ozgur Aybar and Masa Dukaric  The center problem for some biochemical systems
172 Orhan Özgür Aybar Algebraic and Numerical Analysis of Chaos Transition Mechanisms in Electronic Circuits
174 Pundikala Veeresha and Mehmet Yavuz A Computational Approach to Shallow Water Forced Korteweg–De Vries Equation on Critical Flow Over a Hole with Three Fractional Operators
176 Yuchen Li and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama A risk-averse two-stage stochastic programming model for a joint multi-item capacitated line balancing and lot-sizing problem
177 Zezhou Kuai, Zhonghua Li, Bin Liu and Yang Shuai Effects of scanning strategies on thermal behavior and stress fields during selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel
*This list includes accepted and registered presentations (will be updated regularly).