ICAME'18 - The List of Papers to be Included in the Conference Program
Paper Ref No Authors (Presenting Authors in Red) Paper Title
258 Dumitru Baleanu Fractional Calculus: Some Hidden Aspects
1 Ibrahim Kucukkoc and Francesco Pilati Integrated assembly line balancing and feeding problem
4 Yunus Biçen Mechanical Fault Diagnosis Using the Frequency Response Analysis in Electrical Machines
7 Yunus Biçen Alternative Methods for Adaptive Exponential Smoothing and the Effect of Used Constants on Forecasting
8 Mehmet Ali Balci and Ömer Akgüller A Labor Migration Model with Fractional Derivatives
9 Mehmet Ali Balci and Ömer Akgüller Hierarchies in the Clusters of Borsa Istanbul
10 Ibrahim Kucukkoc, Qiang Li and David Z. Zhang New optimal solutions for additive manufacturing production planning problem to minimise cost
11 Qasem Al-Mdallal A numerical study of initial flow past an oscillating circular cylinder
14 Semih Küçük, Fırat Evirgen Numerical Simulation of Some Partial Differential Equations by Homotopy
Perturbation Sumudu Transform Method
15 Fırat Evirgen, Emin Ümit Kobak Applications of Exp (-φ (ξ)) Expansion Method to Some Partial Differential Equations for Finding Exact Solutions
16 Aydin Teymourifar, Gurkan Ozturk and Ozan Bahadir An Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm Integrated with Neighborhood Search Heuristics for Solving Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems
19 Erhan Pişkin and Fatma Ekinci Global nonexistence of solutions for a coupled nonlinear wave equations with degenerate damping terms
20 Rajai Alassar Cooling and Pasteurizing Eggs
22 Erhan Pişkin and Hazal Yüksekkaya Blow up of Solutions for a Timoshenko Equations with Positive and Negative Initial Energy
24 Merve Gurbuz and Munevver Tezer-Sezgin Numerical Modelling of MHD Convection Flow in Cavities
25 Munevver Tezer-Sezgin and Merve Gurbuz Stability of Unsteady MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct
27 Hüseyin Merdan Asset Flow Differential Equations
28 Vahide Bulut Generalized Curvature of The Contact Curve Based on The Local Surface Frame
29 Cemre Aydin and Munevver Tezer-Sezgin The DRBEM Solution of the Cauchy MHD Flow in a Duct with one of the Walls is Slipping and Variably Conducting
31 Hasan Tatli and Ş. Sibel Menteş Power Law of Cross Correlation Between the North Atlantic Oscillation and Precipitation
34 Hasan Tatli Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Drought Over Turkey
36 Arran Fernandez and Dumitru Baleanu A series formula for Prabhakar fractional operators
37 Marcela Fabio and Maria Troparevsky Approximate Solutions to Initial Value Problems for Fractional Differential Equations
38 Arshi Meraj and Dwijendra Pandey Approximate controllability of non-autonomous Sobolev type differential equations with nonlocal condition
39 Nader Rahbar Soureh, Yashar Zehforoosh and Alireza Khalili Golmankhaneh Fractal Koch Curve Antenna and Their Dimension
40 Cihan Bayindir Compressive Spectral Method for the Simulation of the Water Waves
42 Bilgehan Güven The Spectral Decomposition of a Covariance Matrix for a Balanced Random Effects Model
43 Zehra Pinar On the analytical solutions of the fractional partial differential equations
44 Belkız Torğul and Turan Paksoy A Hybrid MCDM Based QFD Approach for Supplier Selection Problem
45 Belkız Torğul and Turan Paksoy A Simultaneous Optimization Model for Distribution Planning and Supplier Selection in Closed Loop Supply Chain Network
46 Yılmaz Gür Modelling and 3D Printing of a Complex IPMS Gyroid
47 Yılmaz Gür Solid Modelling and 3D Printing of an Object Based on Koch’s Snowflake Fractal
48 Metin Şengül Mixed Element Modeling via Newton’s Method
49 Meltem Gölgeli An epidemiological model for the cross-species transmission dynamics of brucellosis in Turkey
50 Asıf Yokuş, Doğan Kaya and Uğur Demiroğlu An implementation of Auto-Bäcklund Transformation
51 Fatma Güler Eroğlu and Songul Kaya Merdan Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method for the Darcy-Brinkman Equations
52 Pınar Usta, Serap Ergün and Sırma Zeynep Alparslan Gök A Game Theoretical Approach for The Emergency Evacuation
53 Serap Ergün, Pınar Usta, Gerhard Wilhelm Weber and Sırma Zeynep Alparslan Gök Optimization for Supply Chain Planning After Disasters with Cooperative Game Theory under Uncertainty
54 Figen Özpinar Discrete Adomian Decomposition Method for Fractional Difference Equations
55 Adel Agila and Dumitru Baleanu Discrete-Time Control of Fractional Dynamic Systems
56 Matthias Hinze, André Schmidt and Remco I. Leine Stability of Mechanical Systems Containing Fractional Springpot Elements
57 Hasan H. Eroğlu, Mehdi Sadighi and B. Murat Eyuboglu Imaging Anisotropic Conductivity with Induced Current Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (ICMREIT)
58 Yeşim Sağlam Özkan and Sezayi Hızlıyel On function theory for Q-holomorphic functions
59 Gamze Özel and Cem Kadılar Modified Exponential Type Estimators for Population Mean in Stratified Random Sampling: An Application on the Geometric Distributed Aftershocks
61 Müfit Şan Existence and uniqueness results for a nonlinear differential equation with non-continuous right hand side
63 Batuhan Eren Engin and Turan Paksoy Modeling Just-in-Time distribution in a Green supply chain
64 Batuhan Eren Engin and Turan Paksoy Bi-objective Closed Loop Supply Chain with Different Machinery Options
65 Erhan Pişkin and Hazal Yuksekkaya Mathematical Behavior of Solutions of Hyperbolic-type Equations
66 Emre Kara Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Flow over Double Ellipse Configuration with Multi-grid Accelerated and Cartesian Based Flow Solver
67 Emre Kara, Sinan Turhan, Ahmet İhsan Kutlar and Kıvanç Güngör Mathematical Modelling of a Glaucoma Drainage Device Testing Apparatus
68 Carla Pinto, Ana Carvalho and J.N. Tavares Time-varying pharmacodynamics in a simple non-integer HIV infection model
69 Ana Carvalho, Carla Pinto and J.N. Tavares Maintenance of the latent reservoir by pyroptosis and superinfection in a fractional order HIV transmission model
70 Naci Saldi and Serdar Yüksel Decentralized Stochastic Control: Optimality and Approximations
71 Doğan Kaya, Asıf Yokuş and Uğur Demiroğlu An Application for Sharma-Tasso-Olver Equations by Using Auto-Bäcklund Transformation
72 Hatice Taşkesen Explosive solutions for a class of stochastic nonlinear wave equation with damping terms
73 Hakan Şahin, İshak Altun, Duran Türkoğlu and Nurcan Bilgili Gungor Multivalued F-contraction on M-Metric Space
74 Tuğba Akman Yıldız, Sadia Arshad and Dumitru Baleanu Optimal Control of Generalized Tumor Growth Model with Chemotherapeutic and Immunotherapeutic Treatment
75 Sevde Dilruba Karayel and Ediz Atmaca Identifying The Important Criteria for Determination of Temporary Debris Storage Sites By Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
76 Kadir Tekeli and Rıfat Aşlıyan A New Spread Spectrum Audio Watermarking Technique: Improved Robustness and Increased Capacity Using Moving Average
77 Sevde Dilruba Karayel, Ediz Atmaca and Seda Ay Determination of Suitable Alternative in Facility Layout Problem Considering Different Criteria
79 Burcu Gürbüz and Mehmet Sezer A Numerical approach for solving Burger-Fisher equation with variable coefficients using Laguerre polynomials
80 Evren Topcu and Dursun Irk High Order Galerkin Method for the Advection Diffusion Equation
81 Asuman Zeytinoglu Numerical Solutions of the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation through a Compact Finite Difference Scheme
82 Nurcan Bilgili Gungor and Hakan Sahin Soft Quasi Metric Spaces and Some Notes on Soft G-Metric Spaces
83 Gamze Özel, Hatice Öncel Çekim and Cem Kadılar Ln Type Estimators under Stratified Random Sampling
85 Umut Akyüz and Vilda Purutcuoglu Modeling of Breast and Gynecological Cancers Data and Investigating New Biological Findings
88 Songul Cinaroglu Comparison of Alternative Transformations to Handle Heavily Skewed Distribution of Health Expenditures
89 Songul Cinaroglu Ensemble Learning Methods to Deal with Imbalanced Disease Data
90 İlker Küçükoğlu, Fatma Balkancıoğlu, Emine Chousein Topal, Öznur Sayım and Tülin Gündüz A methodical model formulation for the tool path optimization problem in CNC machines: A case study
91 Tahir Cosgun, Murat Sari and Hande Uslu A Discussion of the Generalized Abel Integral Equation
92 Muhammet Enes Durmaz and Gabil Amirali Numerical Solution of the Fredholm Integro-Differential Equation with Initial-Layer
93 Elif Guleryuz, Pelin Yildiz, Gulcin Kaya, Duygu Yilmaz Eroglu and Tulin Gunduz Capacity Planning for Support Parts for Pipe Production
94 Nihal Özdoğan and Mevlüde Yakıt Ongun A Nonstandard Numerical Approach for a Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey Model
95 Nihal Özdoğan and Mevlüde Yakıt Ongun Stability Analysis of a Discretizated Predator-Prey Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response
96 Yakup Ermurat and Ömer Özyurt Numerical Modeling of Heat Fluid and Mass Transfer in Algae Cultivation Process Integrated with Ground Source Heat Pump
97 Fatma Selen Madenoğlu Metaheuristic Approach to Dual-Resource Constrained Job Shop Scheduling Problem
98 Fatma Selen Madenoğlu Weighted Superposition Attraction Algorithm for Type II Two-Sided Assembly Line Balanching Problem
99 Muhammet Enes Akpinar and Mehmet Ali Ilgin Evaluation of Product Recovery Facilities Using Multi Criteria Decision Making
100 Mehmet Ali Ilgin, Muhammet Enes Akpinar and Sude Bulut Evaluation of Customers of a Company using Multi Criteria Decision Making
101 Muhammet Enes Akpinar, Mehmet Ali Ilgin and Sude Bulut Implementation of 5S Systematic in a Hard Chrome Plating Company
102 Medine Demir, Aytekin Çıbık and Songül Kaya Merdan Numerical Analysis of Second Order Time Stepping Methods for the Natural Convection Problems
103 Tolgay Kara and Emre Kara A Short Review of CFD Based System Identification in Aerodynamics Applications
104 Murat Sari, Hande Uslu and Tahir Coşgun The Qualitative Behavior of Some Stiff ODEs Through Stochastic Methods
105 Emine Tutsun and Zehra Kamisli Ozturk A New Approach to Exam-Session Planning in Multiple Session Exams
106 Murat Sari, Arshed Ahmad and Tahir Coşgun Mathematical Modelling of a Medical Problem Using Multiple Linear Regression
107 Özlem Türkşen and Suna Ertunç Interval Estimation of Beta-Glucan Content of Yeast by Using Fuzzy Least Squares Modeling Approach
109 Suna Ertunç, Özlem Türkşen and Nilüfer Vural A Nonlinear Modeling and Optimization Process: Obtaining Optimal Drying Conditions for Olive Leaves
110 Burcu Kubur Ozbel and Adil Baykasoğlu Solving the single-level capacitated lot-sizing and scheduling problem with setup time consideration
111 Burcu Kubur Ozbel and Adil Baykasoğlu Order selection and scheduling decisions in make-to-order manufacturing environments
112 Ozgur Tirasci and Gokturk Poyrazoglu A Novel Minimal Placement Model with Tensors in Electronic Board Design
113 İlyas Göğebakan, Kerem Arayıcı, Hakan Çetin and Göktürk Poyrazoğlu Scheduling Optimization of Large Scale Price Maker Energy Storage Systems
114 İlknur Tükenmez, Çağrı Koç and Gilbert Laporte Vehicle Routing Problems with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery: Review and Research Perspectives
115 İlknur Tükenmez and Onur Kaya Simulated Annealing For Vehicle Routing Problem with Alternative Links From The triple Bottom Line Perspective
116 Nurullah Yilmaz and Ahmet Şahiner A New Auxiliary Function Approach for Inequality Constrained Global Optimization Problems
117 Berat Karaagac, Alaattin Esen, Nuri Murat Yagmurlu and Yusuf Ucar Numerical solutions of Gilson pickering equation by the Collocation finite element method.
118 Berat Karaagac New Extension Sub-Equation Method for Fractional order Boussinesq-like equations
119 Berat Karaagac, Nuri Murat Yagmurlu, Selcuk Kutluay and Alaattin Esen The Extended Modified Exp- Method and Its Application to Some Fractional Differential Equations
120 Gamze Güven, Özge Gürer, Hatice Şamkar and Birdal Şenoğlu Hypothesis testing in one-way ANOVA based on fiducial approach when the error terms have Weibull distribution and heterogeneous variances
121 Idris A. Masoud Abdulhamid, Ahmet Şahiner and Nurullah Yilmaz Smoothing Technique with Auxiliary Function Thru Bezier Curves for Global Optimization
122 Ahmad El Sayed and Gokturk Poyrazoglu Optimal Storage Units’ Sizing and Placements Within The Turkish Power Transmission Grid
123 Meltem Koşan and Mustafa Aktaş Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in The Thermal Energy Storage Unit
124 Meltem Koşan and Mustafa Aktaş A New Design of Solar-Assisted Heat Pump with Energy Storage for Heating Greenhouses
125 Ahmet Sahiner, Shehab A. Ibrahem and Nurullah Yilmaz A New Auxiliary Function Method For Unconstrained Global Optimization
126 Ayşegül Ulus Solving Discrete Time Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems by Weak Pontryagin’s Principle: Method and Applications
127 Muhammed Ali Koşan, Mehmet Sevri and Hacer Karacan Comparison of Classification Algorithms used in Intrusion Detection Systems
128 Talha Arslan and Birdal Senoglu Estimating the Parameters of Truncated Jones and Faddy's Skew t Distribution
129 Mehmet Sevri̇, Muhammed Ali Koşan and Hacer Karacan Secure Multiparty Computation and Blockchain-Smart Contract Based Election System
130 Yihua Li, Lila Rasekh and Raf Jans Commercial Advertisements Scheduling Problem
131 Berk Güzelışık, Göktürk Poyrazoğlu, Elife Begüm Bacaksız and Atalay Demirok The Future Promise of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Optimization - Optimal Scheduling Methods to Integrate Plug-in Electric Vehicles
132 Sibel Ozer and Berat Karaagac A New Outlook: A Numerical Study on Rosenau-Burgers Equation via Galerkin Finite Element Method
133 Songul Kaya Merdan, İsmail Tahir Kökten Numerical Study on Blood Flow Modelling in Arteries
134 Korhan Gunel, İclal Gör and Kadir Tekeli Swarm Intelligence Enchanged by Oblique Section Planes for solving Dirichlet Boundary Problems for ODEs
135 Ali Köseoğlu and Rıdvan Şahin A Simplified Neutrosophic Multiplicative Set-Based Method for Multicriteria Decision Making
136 Ali Köseoğlu and Rıdvan Şahin Simplified Neutrosophic Multiplicative Similarity Measures and Their Application to Pattern Recognition Problems
137 Fatma Altun and Rıdvan Şahİn An Approach to Multicriteria Decision Making Based on Distance Measures for Probabilistic Simplified Neutrosophic Information
138 Fatma Altun and Rıdvan Şahİn Multicriteria Decision Making Based on Probabilistic Simplified Neutrosophic Numbers
139 Yeliz Buruk Şahin Multi-Objective Optimization of a Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem Using Epsilon Constraint Method
140 Tolgay Kara and Bayram Arda Kuş Wastewater Treatment Plant Modeling and Simulation with Control Purposes
141 Serkan Aslıyüce and Ayşe Feza Güvenilir On Fractional Calculus and Inequalities
142 Sukran Seker Risk Analysis with Bow-Tie Analysis in Shipbuilding Industry
143 Sukran Seker Sensitivity Analysis Indicator for Project Evaluation under Uncertainty and Risk
145 Simge Yozgat and Hatice Ediz Atmaca Mathematical Modelling Approach to Increase Cell Efficiency in a Furniture Firm
146 Simge Yozgat, Hatice Ediz Atmaca and Sevde Dilruba Karayel Application of a Cellular Manufacturing in a Company and a New Layout Suggestion
147 Kadir Büyüközkan, Halil Coşkun, Nazlı Keskin, Esra Saban,
İsmail Altan Tekin and Coşkun Hamzaçebi
A Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem – A Case Study
148 Sibel Ozer An Efficient Numerical Technique for the Rosenau-KdV-RLW Equation
149 Esra Gökpınar, Gamze Güven and Fikri Gökpınar Comparison of tests for the homogeneity of Inverse Gaussian scale parameters
151 Tahir Cosgun, Murat Sari and Arshed Ahmad A Discussion of the Singular and Weakly Singular Integral Equations with Abel Type Kernels
152 Halima Lakhbab Novel Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization for Unconstrained Optimization Problem.
153 İsmail Atbakan and Rıfat Aşlıyan Design of Textile Pattern Categorization Using Hough Transform
154 Betul Hicdurmaz and Esra Akdeniz A New Fractional Differencing Algorithm for ARFIMA
155 Yeliz Buruk Şahin Bi-Objective Optimization of an Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times
156 Tuğba Küçükseyhan Reduced Order Optimal Control of Gierer-Meinhardt Equation
157 Korhan Gunel, Gülsüm İşman and Merve Kocakula Numerical Solutions of ODEs with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions via Recurrent Neural Networks
158 Serbay Duran, Berat Karaağaç and Alaattin Esen Analytical Solving Some Fractional Differential Equations Using New Extension Sub-Equation Method
159 Merve Şen, Tuğçe Kilişci, Tilve Aydin, Mustafa Emre Kazaz, İlknur Tükenmez and Pınar Baban Green Vehicle Routing Problem in a Logistics Company
160 Serbay Duran and Doğan Kaya Applications of a New Expansion Method for Finding Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations
161 Alkin Yurtkuran and Betul Yagmahan An optimization model for the energy efficient job shop scheduling problem with machine state and time-of-use electricity tariffs of Turkey
162 Hamit Armağan and Tuncay Yiğit Total Sound Press Level and Polynomial Interpolation in the e-Studio
163 Mahmut Modanli Using numerical method for third order fractional partial differential equation
164 İlker Kucukoglu, Betul Yagmahan and Alkin Yurtkuran Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach Integrated Mathematical Model for Examination Timetabling Problem
169 Veysel Çoban and Sezi Cevik Onar Selection of Solar Energy Plant with Large-scale Group Decision Making under Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Assessment
170 Nurcan Bilgili Gungor Some Common Fixed Point Results via Implicit Contractions on Soft Quasi Metric Spaces
171 Veysel Çoban and Sezi Cevik Onar Analysing of Solar Energy Pricing Process with Hesitant Fuzzy Cognitive Map
173 Hasan Huseyin Yildirim and Sakir Sakarya Reinvestment Decisions for Wind Energy Projects
175 Gabriel Magalakwe and Masood Khalique Symmetry Methods of Flow and Heat Transfer between Slowly Expanding or Contracting Walls
178 Melih Ağraz, Ekin Can Erkuş and Vilda Purutçuoğlu A New R Programming Package for the Detection of Outliers in Univariate Time Series Data
179 Elif Doğan Dar and Vilda Purutçuoğlu Detection of Binding Sites of Chip-seq Data via Hidden Markov Model and Bayesian Inference of Model Parameters
181 Hayriye Gulbudak, Vincent L. Cannataro, Necibe Tuncer and Maia Martcheva Ecology and Evolution of Vector-Borne Diseases in a multi-scale model
182 Chokalingham Ravichandran, Valli Valliammal, Zakia Hammouch and Haci Mehmet Baskonus Neutral Differential Systems of Fractional Order With State-Dependent Delay
183 Osman Tunca, Ibrahim Aydogdu, Ferhat Erdal and Serdar Carbas Structural Design Optimization through Water Cycle Algorithm with Evaporation Rate
184 Osman Tunca, Ibrahim Aydogdu, Tevfik Oguz Omercioglu and Serdar Carbas Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm Based Design of Structures
185 Fikriye Nuray Yilmaz Comparison of the stabilized finite element solutions of optimal control of convection diffusion equation
186 Ersin Bahar, Sila Korkut Uysal, Yesim Cicek and Gurhan Gurarslan A semi-Lagrangian Scheme for Numerical Solution of Advection-Diffusion Equations
187 Sumeyra Ucar, Nihal Yilmaz Ozgur and Beyza Billur Iskender Eroglu Complex Conformable Derivative and Integral
188 Mehmet Yavuz Behavior of Fractional Derivative Operators Defined on Two Different Kernels in Nonlinear Equations
189 Sumeyra Ucar and Nihal Yilmaz Ozgur Complex Conformable Derivatives and Rolle's Theorem
190 Ayşegül Keten and Mehmet Yavuz Identifying of the Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations with Caputo-Fabrizio Operator in Banach Spaces
191 Rabia Korkmaz Tan and Şebnem Bora Exploiting the Impact of The Migration Operator Used in The Adaptive Genetic Algorithm in Optimization Problems of Complex Systems
192 Sedat Kömürcü 3D Finite Element Modeling of the Nonlinear Behavior of Confined Masonry Walls
193 Sedat Kömürcü Investigation of the Structural Design Parameters of Masonry Walls Based on Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
194 Ali Konuralp and Sercan Öner Numerical Solutions of Linear Fractional Differential Equations with Delay Obtained by Using Euler Polynomials
195 Ali Konuralp and Sercan Öner Optimized Taylor-Euler Series Solutions for Linear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations with Delay Terms
196 Onur Silahtar and Özkan Atan FPGA Based Synchronization by Using Adaptive Control Method of Two Different Chaotic Systems
197 Hasan Gündüz and Mustafa İnç (G'/G)-Expansion Method and Its Application to Whitham Broer-Kaup-Like Equation
198 Ertugrul Ates and Ilker Ustoglu Developing a Mathematical Model for CBTC System and Safe Braking Distance Calculation
199 Efgan Uğur, Tolgay Kara and Abdulhafez Abdulhafez Modeling and Simulation of an Autonomous Wheelchair with Control Purposes
200 Ilker Gölcük, Adil Baykasoglu and Fehmi Burcin Ozsoydan A flower pollination algorithm for improving cluster analysis
201 Ilker Gölcük, Adil Baykasoglu and Fehmi Burcin Ozsoydan A cultural algorithm for mechanical design optimization
202 Melike Sultan Karasu Asnaz, Bedri Yüksel and Kadriye Ergün Wind farm layout optimization for minimum wake loss
203 Akif Akgul, Burak Aricioglu, Bilal Gurevin and Sezgin Kacar Design of experiment setup for fractional order chaotic systems
204 Ebru Dag, Metin Demirtas, Haris Calgan and Erdem Ilten Modeling and Optimizing of the Intelligent Traffic Light system by using PLC
205 Metin Varan, Bahar Ulusoy, Ihsan Pehlivan, Bilal Gurevin and Akif Akgul Nonlinear analysis and circuit realization of chaotic Aizawa system
206 Beyza Billur Iskender Eroglu and Dilara Yapışkan Conformable Fractional Optimal Control Problem with Transversality Condition
208 Murat Erhan Cimen, Sezgin Kacar, Emre Guleryuz, Bilal Gurevin and Akif Akgul Modeling of chaotic motion video with artificial neural networks
209 Sevcan Emek, Vedat Evren and Şebnem Bora Agent-based Hormonal Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels Using Negative Feedback Control Mechanism
210 Faruk Dusunceli, Hacı Mehmet Baskonus and Hasan Bulut New Exact Solutions for the Drinfeld-Sokolov Equation Using an Improved Bernoulli Sub-Equation Function Method
211 Marat Akhmet and Mehmet Onur Fen Chaos Extension in Coupled Lorenz Systems
212 Marat Akhmet and Mehmet Onur Fen Poincaré Chaos in Non-autonomous Equations
213 Fatma Tokmak Fen and Mehmet Onur Fen Period-doubling Route to Chaos in Systems with Impulsive Effects
214 İlkay Yaslan Karaca and Fatma Tokmak Fen Third Order Impulsive Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales with Positive Solutions
216 Rahman Bitirgen, Ismail Bayezit and Mahmut Reyhanoglu Feedback Linearization Control of a 2DOF Helicopter
217 İbrahim Kağan Kutlubay Osman Babayiğit and Kürşad Melih Güleren Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the NASA S-Duct Intake
218 Rahman Bitirgen and Bayezit Ismail Time Optimal Control of a Reaction Wheel Actuated System
219 Murat Gökay İmamoğlu Osman Babayiğit and Kürşad Melih Güleren Numerical Investigation of Flash-Mounted Duct for Subsonic and Transonic Flow Regimes
220 Ramazan Yaman, Gulsen Yaman, Ramazan Altay and Emir Can Yaman Concreteness and Likeliness of Design and Optimization Stages
221 Arif Can Başıbüyük, Osman Kocaaslan and Kürşad Melih Güleren Supersonic CFD Analysis of a Mach 2.65 Mixed-Compression Axisymmetric Intake
222 Faruk Düşünceli, Ercan Çelik and Muzaffer Askin New Exact Solutions for the Doubly Dispersive Equation Using an Improved Bernoulli Sub-Equation Function Method
223 Utku Cem Karabulut, Olcay Sert, Levent Bilgili and Alper Kılıç A Cost-Benefit Analysis on Ship Speed Optimization
224 Alper Kilic, Omer Can Karakurt, Utku Cem Karabulut and Levent Bilgili Queuing Theory Applications in Maritime Transport
229 Derya Avcı, Beyza Billur Iskender Eroglu, Necati Ozdemir and Yuriy Povstenko Control of Thermal Stresses Based on Angular Symmetric Fractional Heat Conduction Equation in A Half-Space
230 Osman Kocaaslan and Kürşad Melih Güleren Numerical Investigation of the Wrap Angle Effect on Swirler Blade Combustion Performance
231 Derya Avcı and Aylin Yetim Initial-Boundary Value Problems in A Half-Space for An Advection-Diffusion Equation with Atangana-Baleanu Derivative
232 Vatan Aksoy Tezer and Ismail Bayezit Development of a 6-DoF Pose Estimation Package in ROS
234 Vatan Aksoy Tezer and Ismail Bayezit SLAM based Control and Waypoint Navigation of Hexarotor Platform
235 Utku Cem Karabulut, Levent Bİlgİlİ and Alper KiliÇ An Analytical Approach To Solve Blasius Equation By Method Of Weighted Residuals
236 Tuba Sinoplugil Tezer and Ramazan Yaman Examples and assessments for Pareto-based multi-objective optimization approaches used for stand-alone hybrid renewable energy systems
237 İbrahim Enam İnan, Hasan Bulut, Sibel Şehriban Ataş and Tuğba Yazgan Extended Exp (-φ (ξ)) Expansion Method for Some Exact Solutions of Sixth-Order Ramani Equation and Coupled Modified KdV-type Equation
240 Hasan Huseyin Yildirim and Mehmet Yavuz Wind Energy Investments’ Profitability Index Based on Artificial Neural Networks
241 Haris Calgan, José Manuel Andrade and Metin Demirtas Optimization of Capacitance and Speed Values for Self-Excited Induction Generators using the Response Surface Method
242 Toufik Amieur, Metin Demirtas, Haris Calgan and Erdem Ilten Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Based LMIs of MIMO Nonlinear Uncertain Systems
243 Ahmed M. Elaiw, Taofeek O. Alade and Saud M. Alsulami Global stability of latent Chikungunya virus dynamics model with multitarget cells and saturation
244 Esmehan Uçar, Necati Ozdemir and Derya Avcı Caputo’s Fractional Derivative Model of Immune Response to Tumor Growth
247 Ahmed M. Elaiw, Shafeek. A. Ghaleb and A. Hobiny Effect of discrete time delay and antibodies on HCV dynamics with cure rate and two routes of infection
249 Elçin Yusufoğlu and İlkem Turhan Çetinkaya A Contact Problem for a Half-space With Inhomogeneous Coating
251 Fatma Ayaz and Bektaş Güner A Second Order Numerical Technique for Multi Term Variable Order Fractional Equations
253 Ercan Tunç and Orhan Özdemir Oscillation Theorems for Second Order Half-Linear Mixed Neutral Differential Equations
254 Adil Kaymaz and Ercan Tunç New oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear neutral differential equations with damping term
255 Orhan Özdemir and Ercan Tunç Philos-Type Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Half-Linear Mixed Neutral Differential Equations
256 Mehmet Yavuz and Burcu Yaşkıran Conformable Operator in Approximate Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations
259 Abdelhakim Boudkhil, M. Chetioui, N. Benabdallah, A. Ouzzani and N. Benahmed A Compact Integrated THz Horn-shaped Helix Antenna based on MEMS Technology using Accurate Automatic Strategists
260 Abdelhakim Boudkhil, M. Chetioui, N. Benabdallah, A. Ouzzani and N. Benahmed A Highly Miniaturized MEMS Pyramidal Helix Antenna for THz Applications using Reliable Evolutionary Optimizers
261 Said Agoujil, El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui and Mustapha El Moudden Framework for Analysing of Inter-cluster Communication in the DRHT by using Game Theory
262 Toufik Mekkaoui and El Abdon Atangana New numerical approximation of fractional derivative with non-local and non-singular kernel: Application to chaotic models
263 Ezgi Kaya and Ayse Dilek Maden On the Co-PI Energy of Graphs
264 Ayse Dilek Maden The Number of Spanning Trees of Graphs
265 Mehmet Yavuz and Necati Ozdemir SIR Epidemic Model with Caputo-Fabrizio Fractional Operator
266 Alaattin Esen, Berat Karaagac, Nuri Murat Yagmurlu and Selcuk Kutluay New Analytical solutions of (3+1) Extended Jimbo Miwa Equation
267 Alaattin Esen and Murat Önal Numerical Solutions of Time Fractional Burgers’- Equation using Finite Difference Methods
268 Umut Okkan and Nuray Gedik Calibration of a Hydrological Model by Using a Hybrid Approach Combining Levenberg-Marquardt and Particle Swarm Algorithms
269 Manuel D. Ortigueira, António M. Lopes and J. A. Tenreiro Machado Numerical computation of the Mittag-Leffler function
270 Aslan Deniz Karaoglan, Ismail Atalay and Ibrahim Kucukkoc Application of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Distance Restricted Vehicle Routing Problem
271 Seyma Tuluce Demiray and Hasan Bulut Hyperbolic Function Solutions for Positive Gardner-KP Equation
272 Kadir Günoğlu and Hakan Akyıldırım Calculation of the mass attenuation coefficients, effective atomic numbers and effective electron numbers of some concrete containing pumice and barite at different ratios
273 Kadir Günoğlu Investigation of lifetime cancer risk and radiological hazards in some Marble samples mining from the Marmara Region

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  Elife Begüm Bacaksız Listener/Accompanying Person
  Atalay Demirok Listener/Accompanying Person
  Burak Yıldız Listener/Accompanying Person
  Fatma Balkancıoğlu Listener/Accompanying Person
  Emine Chousein Topal Listener/Accompanying Person
  Cem Kadılar Listener/Accompanying Person
  Mboumbang Oscar Listener/Accompanying Person
  Tchoutang Kouasse Pamela Listener/Accompanying Person
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